10 Disposable Coats for Kids

10 Disposable Coats for Kids

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Model: Kids Disposable Coats (10 Pack)
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10 Pack of Disposable Coats for Kids: 

Childrens laboratory style coat in soft comfortable polypropylene, no laundering required. They are elasticated at the wrists and have 4 easy snap buttons to the front. It also has one chest pocket, one front bottom right pocket and a collar.

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The coats come in three different sizes, from Age 5 up to Age 13.

Colour: White

Code Sizes: 
Age 5-7 - JSDABJ1-3XS
Age 8-10 - 
Age 11-13 - JSDABJ1-XS

Important Order Note: 
Simply insert your choice of coat sizes into the comment box during the payment process.

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