2 Seater Economy Hammock

2 Seater Economy Hammock

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Model: JS E-Hammock (Black Material)
Shipping Weight: 19Kgs
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 2 Seater Black Hammocks.

The perfect way to relax on a summers evening. A great addition to any patio, or garden. Comes complete with a comfort polyester cushion. 

  • 4cm Polyester Filled Cushion
  • Cushion & Canopy is 160GSM Polyester
  • 140cm W  X 110cm D X 153cm High
  • Polyester Canopy (Showerproof)
  • Leg Tube Diameter. 38mm
  • Colour: Black

Great Value:

  • Manufactured in Ireland
  • Low, Low Prices
  • Price Includes Free Delivery*
  • Delivered Direct to Your Door
  • Anywhere on the island of Ireland

Buy it Today. Relax in it Tomorrow.

*Up to 32kg - Mon-Fri - Dependent on stock levels.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 22 January, 2012.

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