3 Gun Cabinets & Gun Safes - Grey

3 Gun Cabinets & Gun Safes - Grey

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Model: 3 Gun Cabinet - Grey
Shipping Weight: 24Kgs
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Police Approved 3 Gun Cabinets & Gun Safes - Grey

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This new model secure 3 gun cabinet is suitable for 3 shot guns. Just perfect if you a looking for top quality gun cabinet.  The safe has 2 x 7 lever locks and the thick steel casing and anti crow bar doors will pass any Garda or Police inspections. The safe comes complete with 2 keys and a protective foam base. The pre-drilled holes inside the safe give you an option to have it fixed to the wall or the floor and fixing bolts are supplied.

Product Features::

*Built to British Standard BS7558/92 for gun security

*Two 7 lever locks and 2 keys for each lock supplied

*Anti Crowbar Door

*4 pre drilled holes in the back and base for securing into wall or floor, fixing bolts included

*Foam gun divider

*Foam base

*Suitable for 3 shotguns

*Internal height 128cms (129cms without foam base) suitable gun length 125cms (or 126cms)

Product Specification:

* Dimensions: External: H 1300 x W 220 x D 200mm

* Weight 24kgs

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