3 Piece Bistro Set - Lime Green

3 Piece Bistro Set - Lime Green

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Model: Lime Green Bistro Set
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3 Piece Bistro Set - No Assembly Required. 
(accessories not included)
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Brighten up your outdoor space with this delightful Lime Green 3 Piece Contemporary Bistro Set. It's perfect for relaxing in the garden this summer. Ideal for any size garden, conservatory or outdoor space. 
The chairs are foldable for easy storage. The chairs can be used straight from the box and the table requires little  assembly.
Product Dimensions: 
Table: 710mm H x 620mm Diameter
Product Information:
Colour: Lime Green
Material:  White Powder Coated Steel Frame & Coloured Tempered Glass Top
Total Weight: 14kg
Comes Assembled.

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