32" - 55" 110cm Cantilever TV Stand - Black Glass

32" - 55" 110cm Cantilever TV Stand - Black Glass

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Model: JSCTWSS Cantilever Stand - 110cm
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32”-60” 110cm Cantilever Black Frame & Black Glass TV Stand for LCD, LED & Plasma Screens

This is a contemporary and stylish glass cantilever TV stand, with black glass and silver legs. It is specifically designed to compliment almost LCD, LED or Plasma screens up to 60". 

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Product Features: 
- Fits most brands and models with a 90 degree swivel bracket
- 3 Black Tempered Glass Shelves
- Black Tubing
- Top Glass Shelf: 8mm tempered glass
- Middle & Bottom Shelves: 6mm glass for 

- Cable Management System to hide all your messy wires and cables.
- Glass compliant with British Standards
Total Unit Load Capacity: 120kg
- Solid & Rigid Construction
- This bracket is manufactured from solid reinforced heavy-gauge cold steel with 2mm thickness.
- Rigorously stress tested to ensure security, safety and peace of mind.

- Fits all 32"-60"LCD/Plasma TV
- Bracket Load Capacity: 80kg 
- Shelves Capacity: 80kg

Stand Dimensions - Weight - Load Capacity:
- Width: 110cm
- Depth: 40cm
- Height: 130cm
Top Glass Shelf: 8mm tempered glass
- Middle & Bottom Shelves 6mm tempered glass
- Total Unit Load Capacity: 120kg
- Product Weight: 29.5kg

Minimum VESA Dimensions:
From 50mm (W) X 50mm (H)

Maximum VESA Dimensions:
Up to a maximum of 718mm(W) X 450mm (H)

Comes Boxed Flat Packed: 
Small Assembly Required
Quick & Easy Assembly 
Easy to follow assembly instructions included.

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Note: Please allow 5 working days for delivery of this product.

Safety Note: 
It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the stand(s) and bracket(s) are suitable for your screen(s) weight capacity prior to purchase and the unit is assembled correctly befor use.

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