32"- 60" TV Wall Bracket - Tilt Version

32"- 60" TV Wall Bracket - Tilt Version

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Model: 32"-60" Tilt Wall Mount 902-1011
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Tilting 32"-60" LCD/LED/Plasma TV Wall Brackets. 
Product Code: 902- 1011  
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Product Description:

  • +/- 12 Degree Tilt Version
  • TV wall mount for 32"- 60" screens.
  • Only 28mm depth from the rear of the screen to the wall.
  • Maximum Load: 35kg screens
  • Vesa Dimensions 600mm W X 400mm H
  • Comes complete with in-built spirit level for ease of fixing

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Safety Note: It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the bracket(s) are suitable for your screen(s) and fitted by a competent professional.

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