32"-55" TV Wall Bracket - Flat Version

32"-55" TV Wall Bracket - Flat Version

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Model: 32-55 Flat Mount - JSTVF-3255
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Flat 32"-55" TV Wall Brackets for LCD, LED & Plasma 3D Screens

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Product Features:
- Square holes in the wall bracket for in-wall cable routing.
- The brackets is made from solid reinforced heavy-gauge cold steel
- Rigorously stress tested to ensure security, safety and peace of mind.
- Quick & easy to install-comes with full instructions & mounting hardware snd fixings

- Product size: 450 x 430 x 30mm
- VESA 600mm W x 400mm H
- To Suit Screen Size: 32"-55"
- Bracket type: Flat TV Wall bracket
- Colour: Black
- Bracket Maximum Weight Capacity: 50kgs
- Distance from the wall to the back of the bracket: 30mm

VESA Dimensions:
- 600mm x 400mm

Product Info:
- Length (CM) = 45 cm
- Width (CM) = 43 cm
- Height (CM) = 3 cm
- Weight With Packing = 1.40kgs
- Weight Without Packing = 1.30kgs
- Material Name = Steel
- Material Type = Cold rolled steel

Package Contents:
- Wall Bracket
- Full Instructions
- All screws to go into the back of your TV
- All fittings for bricks and stud walls

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Safety Note: It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the bracket(s) are suitable for your screen(s) and fitted by a competent professional.

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