3M x 2.5M Patio Awning Green & White Stripe

3M x 2.5M Patio Awning Green & White Stripe

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Model: 3M x 2.5M Anzio Grn/Wht Stripe
Shipping Weight: 24Kgs
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3M X 2.5M Anzio Green and White Stripe Retractable Patio Awning

End of Season Offer! Normal Price €360.00. Now Only €315.00

Don’t let bad weather spoil your outdoor party or family event. 

This retractable patio awning combines excellent quality with superb value for money!

Our Price Includes...

  • Free Delivery
  • Direct To Your Door
  • Anywhere on the island of Ireland 

Available Colours: 
Green & White Stripe

  • Width: 3M (9ft 10")
  • Projection from Wall: 2.5M (8ft 2")
  • Colour: Green & White Stripe
  • Stripe Fabric: 300gsm Polyester

Suitable For:

  • Domestic & Commercial Use
  • Garden Parties & Family Gatherings
  • Caravans & Mobile Homes
  • Shops
  • Pubs Wine Bars & Beer Gardens
  • Restaurants, Cafes, Bistros
  • Outdoor Smoking Areas. Offices


  • Comes fully assembled to your home/premises
  • Maximum projection from wall: 2M
  • The awning can be opened as much or as little as you like up to the maximum projection
  • Fabric: 300gsm Polyester
  • Comes with an adjustable angle and depth
  • Built to be attractive, comfortable and relaxing sun awning
  • Structured with UV stabilized heavy duty and water resistant 100% polyester fabric material
  • Simple and easy to install and remove awning
  • Lightweight steel and aluminium frame yet strong and sturdy


We do state that it is simple and easy to fit. However, only if you have the necessary skills. It is recommended to seek professional advice and assistance prior to fitting

  • You will need a power drill with 13mm masonry bit and an adjustable spanner during assembly
  • Can be easily removed from the brackets for out of season storage.


  • Comes with brackets & fixings
  • Additional fixings may be required, dependent on your wall type
  • Awning must be fitted by a competent person/professional tradesperson

Maintenance & Safety Tips:

  • Can be easily removed from brackets for winter storage
  • The awning can be opened as much or as little as you like up to the maximum projection
  • The awning should not be opened in gusty or windy conditions
  • The awning should not be open in heavy rain 
  • The awning should not be left unattended when in use
  • The awning should not be left open when not in use
  • After heavy rain the awning should be fully extended and allowed the material to dry
  • Easy to clean with water and a suitable brush
  • Do not use detergents on the awning as they can discolour the fabric which is not covered under the warranty
  • Do not use barbeques under the awning
  • Do not use outdoor heaters, fires or stoves under the awning
  • Do not place naked flames near the awning

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