3M x 3M Pop Up Waterproof Gazebo - Including 3 Side Walls

3M x 3M Pop Up Waterproof Gazebo - Including 3 Side Walls

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Model: 3Mx3M Pop Up Gazebo & Side Walls
Shipping Weight: 13Kgs
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3M x 3M Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo: (Navy)

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100% polyester Waterproof Gazebo with PU Coating, which includes 3 Side Walls. This is a gazebo is manufactured from steel and is so quick and easy to assemble. And with the added comfort of three side walls, that velcro to the main frame. Ideal for the garden, camping, festivals and much more. besides.  


  • Steel Tube 25 X 25 X 0.5MM
  • Steel Ribs : 10 X 18 X 0.05MM
  • Fabric: 160G Polyester with PU Coating
  • Available Colour: Navy (Green Out of Stock) 

Folds away neatly into it's very own carry case. Fits in the boot of your car. (without the walls)

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Customer Note: The gazebo is not designed as a permanent structure and it is not recommended to be used in extreme weather conditions. Never leave the Gazebo up overnight, especially if winds or heavy rains are forecasted. Do not place naked flames near the gazebo. Do not place, or use gas heaters, stoves or BBQs' under or near the gazebo. It is recommended that appropriate weights and guy lines are used at all times. We do not accept liability for any damage or personal injury caused to, or by the use of this product. (please read our terms and conditions carefully) 

*Dependent on Stock Levels. Please aloow up to 3 working days for delivery of this product. 

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