4ft Park Bench with Steel Frame

4ft Park Bench with Steel Frame

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Model: 4ft XL Black Park Bench
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4ft Black Steel - Wood & Plastic Composite Contemporary Bench

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This contemporary 4ft Black Bench is a real eye-catcher and would be a fantastic addition to your garden or outdoor space. It also comes with a fixing plate on each leg enabling it to be bolted to the ground.

Most importantly, it's very comfortable, durable and hard-wearing. The frame is manufactured from strong steel and the slats are made of wood and plastic composite or. WPCs), which are safe and environmentally sustainable materials.. An ideal gift for any special occasion.

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  • Direct To Your Door
  • Anywhere on the island of Ireland

- Domestic Garden
- Nursing Homes
- Parks & Green Areas
- School Playgrounds
- Colleges
- Tourist & Visitor Areas
- Beer Garden
- Smoking Areas
- Commemorative Sites

Product Details:
Material: Steel + WPCs (Wood plastic composites)
Colour: Black
Overall Bench Dimensions: 120 x 60.5 x 80.5 cm (L x W x H)
Bench Width: 120 cm
Seating Area Depth: 42 cm
Seating Height from the ground to the top of seat: 39 cm
Finish: Paint
Comes Flatpacked.(Small assembly is required)

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