4ft Picnic Table with 2 x Integrated Benches

4ft Picnic Table with 2 x Integrated Benches

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Model: 4ft Trestle Picnic Bench
Shipping Weight: 8Kgs
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4ft Trestle Picnic Bench with Two Integrated and Collapsible Benches.

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These Folding Picnic Benches are ideal for the garden, family days out and of course, camping holidays.

Suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. It's a quality table  that is strong, sturdy, durable and brilliantly practical.

It features a wipe-clean 4ft long table complete with two collapsible benches that fit securely to the top for ease of transport and storage.

Table Approx: W113cm X D68cm X H740cm
Bench Approx: W 95cm X D23cm X H43cm  
Weight: 20.3kg


Off White Poly - Instock
Green Poly -
Out of Stock

It has many uses including the following...

- Family Picnics
- Camping Holidays
- Caravans
- In The Garden
- Scouts & Guides
- Indoor/Outdoor Events & Concerts
- Indoor/Outdoor Catering & Events
- Warehousing
- Schools & Colleges
- Community Halls and much more...

Additional Information:

  • Totally Integrated
  • The set folds down into one solid piece, for easy transportation
  • Seats 4 people easily
  • Polyethylene onstruction
  • Built with light weight materials
  • It weighs in at just 20kgs   
  • Easy to handle and manage
  • Easy Storage
  • Steel frame legs (Powder Coated)

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