4ft Round Tables

4ft Round Tables

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Model: 4ft Round Trestle Table
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4ft Round Folding Trestle Tables.

Our quality 4ft Round Folding Trestle Tables are durable and hardwearing. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

This particular table is the No.1 choice for most catering companies. Manufactured from recyclable high-density blow moulded plastic with powder coated steel framed legs and most importanly, they come with a hygienically wipe clean surface.

The 4ft Round Table is lightweight and folds in half for easy storage. Every table comes with a carry handle for ease of transportation.

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As our 4ft Round Party Tables are specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use, they are the perfect solution for any social or private gathering, including the following...

- Catering Events

- Parties 
- Weddings
- The Office 
- Conferences
- Meeting Rooms
- Exhibition Stands & Trade Shows
- Canteens
- Garden Furniture & Entertainment
- Warehousing
- Schools & Colleges

- Camping
- Caravans
- Community Halls and much more besides..

Product Features & Specifications:
- Multi-Use 4ft Blow Moulded Folding Table
- Approx Open size : W.4ft Diameter x H.29" - .:120cm x H. 73.5cm
- Approx Closed size: 4ft x 2ft x 4" - 120cm x 60cm x 4.7cm
- Table Top Thickness 5cm blow moulded HD-PE (grey-white)
- Steel Tube Powder Coated Tubular Legs: 25 x T1.0mm
- Total Weight: 16kg
- Table Load Capacity: 15st - 100kg
- Accommodates 4 - 6 people seated

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