8 Pack of Kids Hi-Viz Wasitcoats

8 Pack of Kids Hi-Viz Wasitcoats

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Model: Kids Hi-Viz Waistcoats
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8 x Kids Hi-Viz Waistcoats 

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Be safe. Be Seen. These Hi-Viz Waistcoats will help protect your little ones when walking, or riding, to school, sports practice or visting friends. 

Perfect For...

  • Parents
  • Schools, Creches, Playschools
  • Guides & Scout Groups
  • Sport Groups & Associations
  • Community Groups
  • Outdoor Activity Events


  • Manufactured from 100% polyester fabric
  • Come with velcro fastenings
  • Black piping aroubd the edges.
  • Double 50mm Reflective band around the shoulders and body 
  • This Hi-Viz Waiscoat Conforms to EN1150

Codes & Available Sizes:  
Age 4-6: JSCHA1-4-6 
Age 7-9 JS CHA1-7-9
Age 10-12 JS CHA1-10-12

Important Order Note: Simply insert your choice of Hi-Viz Waistcoat size(s) into the comment box during the payment process.

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