8 Piece Aluminium & Textilene Set. (Grey with Black Glass Top)

8 Piece Aluminium & Textilene Set. (Grey with Black Glass Top)

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Model: 8 Pce Alu Grey & Black Glass Top
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8 Piece Aluminium & Textilene Set (Grey with Black Glass Top).

Dark Grey aluminium, grey textilene backing, and a Black Glass table. This stylish dining set will sit eight persons at on sitting. Perfect for those summer evenings with family or friends. The chairs have a multi-positioning feature, that enables you to recline the chair. Includes the parasol.


  • Table comes with a black printed glass top
  • Rectangular Table 150cm long X 90cm wide
  • 6 Multi-Position Chairs (Reclining)
  • Steel protected with Charcoal Powder Coating

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