AV 3 Tier Floating Glass Shelving Unit - Black

AV 3 Tier Floating Glass Shelving Unit - Black

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Model: JS 3SHLF-B - 3 Shelf Unit Black
Shipping Weight: 5Kgs
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3 Tier Floating Glass Black Unit suitable for most TV Boxes, Consoles and Surround Speaker Systems.

This is a stylish wall mounted floating shelving unit specifically designed to facilitate SKY Boxes, DVD's, Game Consoles and Surround Speaker System.

The shelves are fully adjustable and move up or down.

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Product Features:
- Black Aluminium Frame
- 3 x Black Tempered Safety Glass_
- Cable Management System for Cable Routing
- Maximum Weight supported on each shelf, is 10kg

Black Frame & Black Glass

- Width: 38cm
- Depth: 28cm
- Height: 60cm or 2ft

Package Contents:
- 3 x Shelves, Main Frame 
- Full Fitting Instructions
- Fixings

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Safety Note: It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the bracket(s) are fitted by a competent professional.

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