Classic Black & Gold Nokia 6310i Refurbished SIM Free Phone

Classic Black & Gold Nokia 6310i Refurbished SIM Free Phone

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Model: Classic Nokia 6310i Black & Gold
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Classic Black & Gold Nokia 6310i Refurbished SIM Free Phone.   

Important Note: Theses phones are not compatible with 3 Network 3G Sim Cards, as these are not backward compatible sims. However they are compatible with all other sim cards. 

This Price includes...

  • Free Delivery
  • Direct to Your Door
  • Anywhere on the island of Ireland

Phone Information: 

  • Unlocked to all mobile networks
  • Grade A Re-conditioned, and blemish free
  • Fully Tested
  • Includes Brand New Charger
  • Brand New Battery

Colour:  Classic Black & Gold  

The Nokia 6310i is a Classic GSM phone, providing coverage on five continents.

The Nokia 6310i features downloadable Java applications such as a world clock, currency converter, or bilingual dictionary.

The Nokia 6310i features Bluetooth connectivity that lets you connect your Nokia 6310i wirelessly to a compatible PC or other Bluetooth-enabled devices to transfer data effortlessly.

The Phones History:
The Nokia 6310i first came on to the market in 2002, and was discontinued in 2005.

It was primarily marketed as a business phone and for some years was the dominant GSM device in the corporate world.

This phone has been (and still is) very popular for its robustness, simplicity and long battery life years after being discontinued as a product.

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