ESP C110 Kodak Printer

ESP C110 Kodak Printer

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Model: ESP C110 Kodak Printer
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ESP C110 Kodak Printer (Discontinued)

Product Specifications


Print specifications


Print speed

  • photos: borderless KODAK Lab-Quality 10 × 15 cm (4 × 6 in.) photos in as little as 38 seconds[1]

  • documents: 6 ipm[2]in black, 4 ipm[3]in color

Print resolution

9600 optimized DPI[4]for high-resolution color photo printing / 1200 × 1200 DPI for highest monochrome text resolution

Print sizes

  • borderless photos from 102 × 381 mm (4 × 6 in.) up to LTR/A4

  • documents from 102 × 381 mm (4 × 6 in.) up to LTR/A4

Paper capacity

rear feed paper tray holds 100 sheets of document paper or 20 sheets of photo paper

Supported memory card formats


Copy and scan specifications



  • document copy speed: 5 copies per minute in black[5], 3 copies per minute in color[6]

  • copy up to LTR/A4

  • up to 99 copies at a time on a 20–500% scaling or fit to page range


  • 1200 DPI optical scanner (CIS), 24-bit 9600 interpolated DPI

  • scan multiple photos simultaneously and get separate files automatically

  • scan and edit documents with optical character recognition[7]

General specifications



  • USB 2.0 High Speed

  • DPOF


3.8 cm (1.5 in. ) LCD (color)

Power consumption

ENERGY STAR® certified


[W × H × D]: 419 × 173 × 312 mm (16.5 × 6.8 × 12.3 in.)


5.4 kg (11.9 lbs)

Package Contents

  • KODAK ESP C110 All-in-One Printer

  • KODAK Black Ink Cartridge, 30

  • KODAK Color Ink Cartridge, 30

  • Power supply

  • Adapter cord

  • Setup Guide

  • User Guide

  • KODAK All-in-One Printer Software CD

  • USB 2.0 cable sold separately and required for PC/MAC printing



one year from purchase (with proof of purchase)


one year from purchase (with proof of purchase)

Ink Cartridges

one year from purchase (with proof of purchase)

This warranty does not cover empty or refilled cartridges, or cartridges that have been tampered with or misused. Kodak's sole obligation in the event of defects in materials, workmanship or packaging is to provide a comparable replacement product. To return a cartridge, see store of original purchase. If outside store policy, contact Kodak support. In no event shall Kodak be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages.

System Requirements


  • MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7, VISTA Home Basic, or XP-Home (SP2 or above)

  • INTERNET EXPLORER 7 or higher

  • INTEL CELERON 1.2 GHz or compatible processor

  • 512 MB memory

  • 500 MB available hard disk space

  • CD-ROM drive

  • USB port


  • MACINTOSH OS 10.4.8 or higher

  • POWERPC G4, G5, or INTEL-based MAC

  • 1.2 GHz clock speed

  • 512 MB memory[8]

  • 200 MB available hard disk space

  • CD-ROM drive

  • USB port

1. Based on fastest document print mode and borderless 10 × 15 cm (4 × 6 in.) photos using KODAK Ultra Premium Photo Paper, Studio Gloss, and using WINDOWS OS-based PCs that meet recommended system requirements. Actual results may vary.

2. Based on ISO/IEC 24734 testing. Actual results may vary.

3. Based on ISO/IEC 24734 testing. Actual results may vary.

4. Color ink droplets to be placed with a horizontal pitch of 1/9600 inch at a minimum. Resolution may vary based on printer driver setting.

5. Based on ISO/IEC 24735 testing, Annex D. Actual results may vary.

6. Based on ISO/IEC 24735 testing, Annex D. Actual results may vary.

7. Not available on MACINTOSH OS.

8. An INTEL-based MAC with 1024 MB of RAM is recommended.










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