Family Drum BBQ - Includes Free BBQ Utensil Set

Family Drum BBQ - Includes Free BBQ Utensil Set

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Model: Family Drum BBQ - Free Utensils
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Family Drum BBQ with a “Free” 3 Piece BBQ Utensil Set.

Nothing beats the smell and taste of barbequed food on a warm summer evening or a sunny afternoon while enjoying the good weather. This is the perfect family drum barbeque. Small enough to fit in the shed, and large enough to feed a large group of family and friends. It also includes the wire cooking grill and a “Free” complimentary 3 piece bbq utensil set.

Colour: Black

Dimensions: 69cm (H) X 110(W) X 71cm(D) (Approx)

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Free BBQ Utensil Set, While Stocks Last.

Order Today. Have It Tomorrow.

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