Garden Skittles Game

Garden Skittles Game

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Model: Garden Skittles Game
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Garden Skittles Game 

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No collection of outdoor games would be complete without a set of skittles, especially if you need to keep your skills sharp for the real thing in a skittle alley. Always a pleasant way to while away a few hours in the garden on a sunny summer evening.

This is a set of 10 wooden skittles each measuring approximately 20cm high.

Garden Games are great fun for all the family. Ideal for barbeque parties, school days out, scouts, camping facilities, creches, playschools, social/youth centres and people with disabilities.

Technical Details

  • 9 wooden skittles (approx 20cm high) 2 x wooden balls
  • Comes in full colour box
  • Lightweight & Easy Storage

Our Price includes...

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  • Direct To Your Door
  • Anywhere on the island of Ireland

It's A Must for All Family Gardens. Buy It Today.

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