Kids Gardening Kit (Blue)

Kids Gardening Kit (Blue)

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Model: Kids Gardening Kit (Blue)
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Kids Gardening Kit (Blue) 

Introduce kids to gardening at an early age and it will remain with them forever more. This is a beautiful little junior set for all the budding gardeners in your life. 

A fantastic and practical gift idea. Whatever the season, it offers hours of fun and enjoyment.

The Gardening Kit Contains:

  • Sturdy Canvas Tool Bag
  • Blue Bucket (12cm High)
  • Gardening Rigger Gloves (One size fits all up to 10 years of age)
  • Hand Fork (19cm x 7cm)
  • Hand Trowel (20cm X 7cm)
  • 2 Plant Markers (Colours Mmay vary)

This Price Includes ...

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  • Direct To Your Door
  • Anywhere on the island of Ireland

A Special Gift for Budding Gardeners!

Limited Stocks. Order Today!

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