Personalised Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt - Beaded & Embroidered

Personalised Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt - Beaded & Embroidered

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Model: Velvet Tree Skirt
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Personalised Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt:  

Beautifully Beaded & Embroidered with the F amily Name.

Finish off your Christmas Tree in style with this large luxurious velvet tree skirt. It's beautifully crafted in a deep claret Christmas shade, which also features sparkiling sequined stars throughout and accented with a metallic silver braided rope trim. A timeless heirloom that will last a lifetime. 

Perfect for Hotels, Pubs, Clubs etc.

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Product Description & Dimensions:
Luxury Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt:
Embroidered: Yes
Printed: No
Name(s): Up to 20 Characters
Colour: Wine with Beaded Stars & Silver Rope Trim
Shippiing Included: Yes
Dispatched within 2/3 Working Days*

Product Dimensions:
1250cm Diameter
49" Diameter
Name Dimensions: N/A

How To Order:
Simply “Add To Cart” the quantity required and insert the embroidery details THE PERSON(S) NAME(S) into the comment box during the payment process.

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Customer Note: Last Orders for Christmas is the 15th of December.
*Free Shipping only on the island of Ireland.
**If ordered before 10:00am Mon-Fri. Exlusdes Bank Holidays & Public Holidays. Dependent on Stock Levels. 

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