Thornhill - SIOEN Rain Jacket

Thornhill - SIOEN Rain Jacket

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Thornhill Rain Jacket - SIOEN

This durable rain jacket is 100% waterproof. windproof. highly breathable.and water repellent outer fabric.

It has moisture attracting coating on the inside. Very comfortable. Supple and high tear resistance.

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Product Details:

Conforms To EN343 3:3 2003 +A1:2007 

- Comes with taped seams
- A long zip puller for extra comfort while opening the zipper
- Straight collar
- Detachable hood with chin protection + peak.
- Zip closure under double flap with press studs
- 2 inset chest pockets with zip closure
- 2 inset pockets with zip closure
- 1 sleeve pocket.
- 1 Napoleon pocket
- Shaped sleeves
- Elastic at end of sleeves with narrowing by touch & close fastening
- Underarm ventilation
- Drawstring in waist and hem
- Back length 85 cm (L)
- Fixed lining:mesh in body and polyamide in sleeve
- 1 Inside pocket. Inside pocket for storage of hood
- Different linings/ fleeces can be zipped in
- SIOPOR® Extra: 100% polyester fabric (cotton touch) laminated with 100% PU film; ± 205 g/m2. 

Available Colours: Grey, Red & Blue

Available Sizes: The Jacket Ranges in sizes from XSmall up to and including XXXLarge

Customer & Purchasing Note: Simply confirm your preferred colour and jacket size and place them into the "comment box" during the payment process. 

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